Sean S. Stevenson & team speak to a group of youth in the Driving Park neighborhood as part of a collaborative project aimed at renovating lives and properties using their 3 Worlds model to improve safety.

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Engaging youth, adults, and families in healthy, safe activities.

community health

Photo of a group of young men engaging with ETV Team. Photo captured and edited by Ephraim Washington Laidley Jr.

safety intervention

Real-time boots-on-the-ground engagement with youth and adults

Getting rival hoods to work together; to build up vs tear down

Creating jobs


Bringing City officials, counselors, and community in a "learning circle" with ex-felons at our neighborhood safe space.

Expanding youth's mindset

Sean S. Stevenson and Ephraim W. Laidley Jr. engaging the youth

painting murals around the city

Bringing the community together to uplift a blighted building

recognized by washington; FLown out multiple times

Sean and Ephraim make history again, as they're flown to Washington D.C.

ETV Team preps for invite-only trip to D.C.

End The Violence's Sean S. Stevenson and Ephraim Washington Laidley Jr. transported around; motorcade style

Sean & Ephraim transported around; motorcade style

End The Violence's Sean S. Stevenson and Ephraim Washington Laidley Jr. influence hosts to take picture at capital building

Sean & Ephraim at Capital Building in D.C.

Dispatch: Front Page News

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Sean S. Stevenson and a friend share hope for the future

Team certified as "credible messengers"

Sean & Ephraim become first (and only two) Nationally certified "Credible Messenger" in Ohio

one of many stops (John Jay College NY) on a multipy-day, multi-state tour

National speaking tour

dc, NJ, NY, MD

Sean, Ephraim and ETV National team speak in several state facilities, colleges, prisons, facilities, and grass-root events.

Picture from the Safe Passage Summit (aka gang summit) in columbus, oh franklin park conservatory adventure center

makiing history - national Gang Summit